Community validator project and token of the Cronos network and whole Cosmos.

Bare metal validators and IBC relayers



100M ICYs were minted on 9th of November 2021 just after the Cronos network was launched. 


Total of 100M ICYs were minted on 9th of November 2021 and that is the hard cap (no new ICYs will be ever minted again). 

There will be regular token burns, so the total amount of ICYs will get lower over the time until there are 20M left.  

In the launch, 70M of the tokens are locked for up to six years. 



There are total of 100M ICY tokens in the Cronos network. 

All prelaunch events were open to the public and there were no private sales or airdrops. 

Token contract address: 


Trade on MM Finance, Ebisus Bay and Protonswap:

ICY-bCRO/CRO farms on MM Finance and Protonswap:

Project rewards 40% (40M)

Validator launches, community projects, expanding to other networks and much more. 

24M will be locked and released during the next six years. Released 4M per year.

Bonus pool 30% (30M)

This will cover the Icy Builder awards and extra ICYs in CRO Jackpot prizes. 

25M are locked for up to five years. Released 5M per year.

Airdrops 10% (10M). 

6.6M locked for up to four years. Released 2M per year.

Burnicy Game 10% (10M).

Monthly Burnice game prizes.

5M locked for six months. These are expected to burn quickly.

Developers 10% (10M)

600k were dropped in the launch, 100k per team member. All 600k were staked for 2 years. 

9.4M locked until 2024 and released in four years after that linearly.

Prize pool / Liquidity pool

Large part of the Jackpot prize pool is used as a liquidity pool. Following two addresses are used:


ICY owners could stake 100k ICYs for at least two years to participate to the CRO Jackpot game and to get extra benefits.

On 26.02.2022 there were 7.35M staked ICYs out of the circulating supply.


Cold storage for project/airdrop/bonus ICYs:

Long term investing funds to boost the Jackpot from 2025 onwards:

IcyBurner wallet. Farms CRO-ATOM and all the income is used to buy and burn ICY:

Icy Squid Game wallets: