History of the ICY token

A brief history

All started in March 2021 with the CRO Mainnet.

In Q3/2021 six people came together to form a team to launch the ICY project together with all the CRO community. Validators, community boosters, token, farms and NFT game.

If we had an office, it probably wouldn't look like this.

Where we are today

ICY Token was launched in November 2021. Project has been moving on smoothly and expanded to different directions.

Past events

13.04 - Launch of the IcyCRO validator in Cosmos. Delegate ATOMs and you can win over to 20k CRO every month.

26.03 - March update. Farms, vaults, validators, buybacks and long term investing.

23.03- IcyCRO validator booster, 62k ICY to claim on 31.03.

15.03 - IcyCRO Jackpot #04. Jackpot pool was 300k CRO.

07.03 - Crystl vault started now with the Crodex farm.

06.03 - Single Staking of ICY. Stake ICY, earn ICY on Photonswap.

28.02 - Crodex CRO-ICY farm started. Photonswap farm continues also.

28.02 - IcyCRO.org validator monthly booster awarded 62k ICY (~10k CRO)

21.02 - IcyCRO validator booster, 62k ICY to claim on 28.12.

15.02 - IcyCRO Jackpot #03. Jackpot pool was 320k CRO.

11.02 - The first Icy Squid Game (NFT game) was played.

03.02 - February update. NFT game and updates on Balancer.