Community token for the Cronos network. Powered by CRO.


Building a decentralised infrastructure together

Our mission is to build a decentralised infrastructure for blockchains together with the CRO community.

People who participate to the projects will receive ICY Tokens and a chance to win CRO.

Our mission is to:

  • Launch low fee and high quality validators for the and other Cosmos chains.

  • Help other promising Cronos projects.

  • Try different technical solutions to provide the highest quality results with low fees and share the results with the community.

  • Provide the community a chance to participate and enjoy the success of CRO, and Cronos.

  • Collect a huge jackpot of CROs and give participants exciting time in the monthly raffle.

  • Create the most valuable NFTs of the whole Cronos.


There will be total of 100M ICY tokens in the Cronos network. They will be distributed in the following way:

  • 40% for the project rewards.

  • 30% for the bonus pool (Builder awards and Jackpot prizes).

  • 10% for the airdrops.

  • 10% for the developers (0.6% dropped in the beginning and 9.4% frozen until 2024).

  • 10% for the Burnicy Game prizes.

How to collect ICYs:

  • Follow us in Twitter or Telegram so you won't miss any airdrop or project.

  • Participate in our projects. Even small contributions will be often awarded.

  • Farm CRO-ICY pair on PhotonSwap or Crodex.