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The Burnicy Game

Have less than 100k ICYs? Try your luck in our monthly game.


In this game you can burn your ICY tokens and we will at least match your burn, so the total amount of tokens will decrease at least twice the amount you burn in this event.

Please understand that when you burn your ICY tokens, they are destroyed / forever gone / non refundable.

Everyone who participates to this event can get airdrop of up to 120x the burned amount or get nothing. It's the Cronos chain that decides, if you are lucky or not.

You can participate to this event anytime by sending 100, 500 or 5k ICY token transfer to the Fireplace wallet.

Burnicy will be on 15th of each month same time than the Jackpot game. You can participate until 18.50 UTC and the winning number comes at 19.00 UTC.

Everyone who has made an eligible burn has a chance to get airdrop.

Address to our Fireplace where you can send the tokens to be burned.


Game rules:

  • If you have at least 100 ICY, you can burn them to participate and you may get an airdrop of 100k ICYs.

  • Participate by sending 100, 500 or 5k ICYs to the Fireplace wallet for burning before the event.

  • Last three numbers in your TxHash are your ticket number.

  • For example if TxHash is 0xC6...48E74E7C2D54D, your ticket number is 254.

  • You can participate anytime you wish, but only entries that come at least 10 minutes before the event are counted. If you participate after that, you will get an entry for the next month's event.

How much you can win in ICY game:

  • RTP% for the Burnicy game is 112%-114%.

  • 5k ICY burned: Last 1 ticket number: 50k ICY, last 2 numbers 60k ICY and all 3 numbers 100k ICY.

  • 500 ICY burned: Last 1 ticket number: 2100 ICY, last 2 numbers 25k ICY and all 3 numbers 100k ICY.

  • 100 ICY burned: Last 2 ticket numbers: 1200 ICY, all 3 numbers 100k ICY.

How is the winner decided:

  • We will send a all the ICY from the Fire Place to the burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

  • TxHash of the transfer will show the winning number, which is the last 3 numbers of the TxHash.

  • For example if TxHash is 0xC6...48E74E7C1F32G, the winning number is 132.

  • Depending on how much you burned and how many numbers you get correct, you can get airdrop of 0x - 1000x the original ICY amount.

  • Airdrops are credited automatically in 48 hours after the Burnicy event.

How long Burnicy events will be organized:

  • The Burnicy Game runs until monthly until prize pool has less than 500k ICYs left.

  • After the last Burnicy game the remaining ICYs from the pool will just used to burn ICYs to get the winning numbers.

Disclaimer: Game rules can be changed with a 30 day notice.