Community token for the Cronos network. Powered by CRO.

ICY - The community token of the Cronos

Building decentralised infrastructure together. ICY was launched on 9th of November 2021.

Latest news:

27.07 - Juno Validator is active!

19.07 - Community validator booster — Golden Ratio Staking

15.07 - IcyCRO Jackpot #08. Jackpot pool was 200k CRO. Burnicy burned 65k ICY.

09.07 - IcyCRO's CRO and ATOM delegator prizes were paid.

03.07 - ICY two year plans published:

15.06 - IcyCRO Jackpot #07. Jackpot pool was 220k CRO. Burnicy burned 523.9k ICY.

07.06 - IcyCRO CRO and ATOM delegator prizes were paid.

15.05 - IcyCRO Jackpot #06. Jackpot pool was 270k CRO and the first Mega Jackpot was won!

09.05 - May 2022 - validator booster winners (CRO and ATOM)

03.05 - Community validator booster — ECO Stake

  • Controlled decentralisation.

  • High quality, low fees.

  • Built for the CRO community.

  • 100% of the profits go to the Jackpot Pool.

  • Monthly game played with ICY.

  • Burn and get airdrops of ICY.

  • Tx gives you a ticket number.

  • Tx shows who gets a drop.

  • Open, safe and fair system.

Stake ICYs and you may get:

  • CRO jackpot.

  • Unique NFT.

  • Exclusive benefits

What, why and when?

Whitepaper version 1.01 was released 8.11.2021.

How it all started.

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