Community validator project and token of the Cronos network and whole Cosmos.

Bare metal validators and IBC relayers


ICY - The community token of Cronos

 Bare metal validators and IBC relayers in ATOM, CRO and JUNO. Building decentralised infrastructure together and sharing the rewards. 

Latest news: 

28.5 - Ebisu's Bay launched farms. LCRO-ICY can already be traded there and ICY farm will be added in next weeks:

6.4 - $2.2M! That is the total amount of delegator funds we have rescued from compromised accounts! More in Rescues.

18.3 - ICY token listed on CoinGecko!

7.3 - IcyCRO Discord is open:

10.2 - ICY VIP auction on Saturday, 10th of February. 

22.12 - We are on active set of Osmosis! Finally!

1.11 - ICY-bCRO leveraged farms are now available on Single Finance. 

11.09 - Stride ranked us on 9th place from Cosmos Hub validators.

You can win if you are:

ATOM, EVMOS and JUNO airdrops!

Full details how to claim, stake and if it is worth it. 

We rescue delegator funds, if their wallets are compromised and funds undelegated. No fees. 

Whitepaper version 1.01 was released 8.11.2021.

ICY token info (Cronos).

How it all started.

Our core team members