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Staking and CRO Jackpot

Stake 100k ICYs for 24 months to get a chance to win a share of the CRO jackpot and many other benefits.

Staking info:

  • When you have 25k-100k ICYs, you can stake them for 24 months and have a chance to win part of the monthly CRO jackpot.

  • You will also get an early entry to many of our events and some other benefits.

  • You can't lose your stake and you can unstake after 24 months.

  • ICYs will be returned in 30 days after you make the unstaking request.

How to stake ICYs:

  1. Send 25k, 50k or 100k ICY to the Staking Wallet.

  2. Address is: 0x3847A67a3B8B18beE16036C26cDFf6960089f047

  3. You can check your ticket numbers later from the bottom of this page.

How to win the CRO jackpot:

  • Only people who stake 25k-100k ICY can win part of the jackpot. Every staker gets a static ticket number for the raffle.

  • Everyone can stake multiple times. For example if you have 500k ICYs, stake 5*100k and you get 5 ticket numbers.

  • If you have staked 25k+ ICYs, you will automatically have a 1/10 chance to win part of the CRO jackpot.

  • Winning number is the same than in the Burnicy game. Decided by the Tx number on the 15th day of each month.

  • Winnings will be automatically credited in 30 days.

  • First Jackpot raffle is on 15th of December 2021.

How much is the CRO jackpot:

  • CRO jackpot is equal to balance of ICY validators wallets (including delegations) and Cronos Jackpot wallet's balance.

  • Usually 40-60% of the total Jackpot Pool is on validators and 40-60% on Cronos.

  • 100% of the collected validator fees will be added to the Jackpot Pool.

  • 100% of the CROs from the sponsors will be added to the Jackpot Pool.

How is the CRO Jackpot pool is shared:

  • 60% is saved as a seed fund for the next jackpot.

  • 14% is given to the jackpot winner (all three numbers correct). If no winner, CROs go back to the pool.

  • 2% for everyone with the third number correct. If your number is 015 and the winning number is 425, you win.

  • 8% goes for the server and management fees.

Prizes depend on staking level of the winning ticket:

  • ICY VIP (100k staked) gets amounts mention above.

  • Icy Jade (50k staked) gets 50% of the Icy VIP's amounts.

  • Icy Ruby (25k staked) gets 25% of the Icy VIP's amounts.


  • We have a jackpot of 50k CROs.

  • 68% is saved for the next jackpot (30k CROs).

  • Up to 14% goes to the jackpot winner (7k CROs if Icy VIP, 3500 if Jade and 1750 if Ruby).

  • Up to 10% is split between 5 people (1k CROs if Icy VIP, 500 if Jade and 250 if Ruby).

  • 8% goes for the server and management fees (4k CROs).


Rules will be changed when we got over 60 stakers.

Game rules can be changed with a 30 day notice.

List of 100k ICY stakers. Grey shows builder packages and blue for regular ICY stakers: